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ROAS 800% for an e-commerce accessories store in the US market

The client asked us to prepare his AdWords campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The client owned an e-commerce store selling mass-market jewelry.

Firstly we’ve analyzed the Ads and Analytics accounts. Everything was good there, Analytics had enhanced e-commerce set up and huge remarketing lists built. The Ads account looked like this:


ROI was 4% which was not satisfying. There were a lot of clicks with no conversions, and only one campaign exactly focused on e-commerce – shopping one, video and display campaigns are not so suitable for e-com.


We decided to make search campaigns for 2 product categories, brand name search campaign, search remarketing, smart shopping and YouTube true view for action campaigns. The goal was to test each of them with high demand and see which will perform the best.

What was exactly done:

  • Research for new keywords, grouping them
  • Research for negative words
  • Writing ad texts
  • Set up a proper bid strategy
  • Regroup shopping feeds
  • Working out the keyword targeting

After working it all out, we’ve launched all the campaigns. The campaigns provided great results during the Black Friday weekend


The ROAS achieved was 678%, which is good for an e-commerce store. However, we’ve noticed that most purchases were provided by shopping and brand name search campaigns.

Considering the fact that during sales (Black Friday, Christmas and New Year holidays), the intention to buy from users rises and e-commerce shows their best results at the peak, it was decided to stop all campaigns that did not bring conversions and spent the budget.


After Black Friday, all conclusions, and optimization decisions, the campaigns began to bring such a result. The client began to receive less traffic to the site, but traffic from other campaigns was non-converting. And for e-commerce, this is one of the most important metric, but, thanks to cutting off irrelevant traffic, it was possible to increase the ROAS by an additional 160%, and this after a surge in activity on Black Friday. So finally we achieved ROAS of 840% during the average non-holiday time.

Alexey Volkov

CEO / Owner

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