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Raising ROI by 200% in the US, UK and Australian markets
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Raising ROI by 200% in the US, UK and Australian markets

Now we’re working on an interesting project, it’s a website selling international driving licenses in the US, UK, and Australia. The main goal is to have a good ROI.

Inputs: there was a running campaign on the account, but it provided very rare conversions at a high price. There were about 500 keys in broad match, negative words were poorly worked out, because of which a lot of traffic was fro queries like “how to get driving license” (ordinary), “change license” (ordinary), learn for license” (ordinary). All these words spent a lot of advertising budget and did not bring any effect. The rates were also poorly worked out – the necessary bid for each key was not taken into account, one very high bid was set for all keys, which made the CPC very high.

Initial metrics:

  • Price for 3-month license – 22$
  • CPC – 2,5$
  • Conv rate – 4.85%
  • ROI – 41%



What was done:

The campaign structure was completely redesigned, 90% of the keys were dropped, based on historical data and a rich report of search queries negative words were worked out in advance. The campaign was built using the SKAG method – in order to achieve the most relevance of key – advert, get high quality score and reduce the cost per click. We also used our own technique for constructing campaign structures to reduce the cost per click more. After that we loaded the campaign and let it work for a week without any changes.

After that, we noticed that the situation stabilized, and campaigns came out in stable profit. The cost per click has fallen, CR has grown and due to this, the ROI has increased so that the business began to make a profit for our client. In the process of working on the account, we added another negative word using reports of search queries that were not taken into account initially, made bid adjustments for demographics and devices, depending on the effectiveness; however, these actions didn’t significantly improve the result, since the main issues and incorrect settings were fixed from the beginning.


  • Price for 3-month license – 22$
  • CPC – 0,7$
  • Conv rate – 8,01%
  • ROI – 224%



After that, we decided to abandon the campaign in broad match, because the client’s budget was limited and completely covered only the keys in exact and phrase matches (in these campaigns, the ROI was higher and the lead price was lower).

Then the client wanted to offer his services in the UK and Australia, and we copied our structure separately for each country, the only thing we did additionally is we took into account the key competition in each country and accordingly adjusted the rates where necessary.

The results were even slightly better than in the USA, because in these countries we had a higher CR. Ceteris paribus, analyzing the auction, we realized that with our budget we looked stronger in these markets than competitors.



If to look at the chart of CPC and conversions, we can see the following:



Previous results are before the gap in Avg.CPC line. After the gap there are the results after we restructured the campaigns.

Alexey Volkov

CEO / Owner

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