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CPA 50$ in Google, Yandex and Facebook campaigns for Moscow bilingual kindergarten with cost of 1 500$ monthly
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CPA 50$ in Google, Yandex and Facebook campaigns for Moscow bilingual kindergarten with cost of 1 500$ monthly

The main goal was to get requests from parents who’re interested in finding a bilingual kindergarten for their children. Geographically it’s located on the South-West of Moscow in Russia.


The main difficulty was that despite the large volume of statistics (about 40,000 clicks) in the campaigns, conversion tracking was not used. Therefore, we could not use the data and see the effectiveness of words in terms of conversions.


We started by restarting the campaigns in Yandex.Direct – Yandex is Russian internal search engine that is more than Google in Russia (53% for Yandex and 45% for Google), therefore it is usually given priority. There were a lot of messy campaigns on the account – campaigns that are shown day or night, campaigns in which words in Russian were launched with words in English. Because of that, everything was poorly systematized and uncontrollable.


What was done in the first place: the campaigns were studied, despite the fact that conversion tracking was not set up, we analyzed the words and re-compiled the semantic core, even without conversions we used indirect data. For example, low CTR with a large number of impressions > 1000, and high CPC is a bad keyword. Relevant key is a key with low (relatively medium) CPC, high > 7% СTR, so we add it to the new campaign. Also, based on search queries, a very impressive negative words list of > 2000 was compiled.


Before the start, tracking of conversions per click on the call button and sending a feedback form was configured. Optimizations were constantly carried out such as bid adjustments by gender, age, cleaning search queries, a / b tests.


In addition to search, several display campaigns were launched:

  • By keywords
  • Remarketing
  • Geolocation and interests.


After the work, it was possible to reach the results of 2.47% conversion rate for the search and 0.4-0.5% for the Display Network, which gives the CPA in the region of $50, with the cost of kindergarten – $ 1,500 per month.



The next month, we launched Google Ads, and also launched Google Analytics, because this is a more convenient system for tracking all channels, although Yandex.Metrika is enough for Yandex.Direct.


In Google, the algorithm was the same. To start we launched only search on Google Ads, set up conversion tracking from Google Analytics, collected a certain amount of data on conversions and the portrait of the user who is doing the conversions, and then launched a smart campaign on the Display Network that exceeded all our expectations.



In Google Ads, the structure is as follows:

  • Target keywords, such as English kindergarten, kindergarten with learning in English – search campaign
  • Search campaign targeted for foreign languages (not Russian)
  • A smart campaign that is optimized for conversion to the request


At the moment, we have a dense stream of leads and still have plans to test some campaigns on search in Google Ads, because in Yandex, traffic for English keywords in our niche is almost zero.


We also went further and decided to test advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We set a pixel, set up events – send a request, click on the call button and create a campaign with the following structure:

  • Parenting + interests
  • A group with demographic targeting + geo (without interests) – because the goal of the campaign is conversion, then Facebook can work itself, the main thing is not to narrow the audience and give time for tests (such a group must be controlled because it is not always effective)
  • Retargeting for site visitors, but with the exception of those who made one of the conversions


Our plans on Facebook include downloading a database of clients and leads so that on the basis of them we can build look-a-like with different percentages of accuracy and test the effectiveness of these targeting.



As practice shows, do not put all your eggs in one basket.


The specifics of this niche are such that despite the fact that the search for services is the most conversion and profitable source of leads, in our case the traffic in the is low, and if we concentrated on one system we would get little traffic and few leads.


Having launched Yandex.Direct well and obtained the results, as well as customer trust, we received permission to start expanding to other traffic channels. In the 2nd month we launched Google Ads search, in the 3rd month we launched Facebook, in the fourth we launched GDN in Google Ads. Now we have plans to expand the campaigns. In this case, each channel gives us a certain amount of traffic and a constant stream of leads, which opens up a vast field for experiments and for the client – hot leads.

Alexey Volkov

CEO / Owner

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