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First of all, there is a serious problem in wide price range of marketing services. Due to price variety, it’s very difficult for the customer to arrive at final decision. 49.95$ is a perfect price policy.

Just imagine: for less than 50$ per hour a specialist will give you a chance to fully complete the task. Time is the most valuable thing in the modern world, that is the reason why the team «49.95» is aimed to save your time without neglecting the quality.


The magic number 49 consists of united vibration of figures 4 and 9. According to Feng Shui, 4 brings the meaning of value, stamina, dignity and trust into the number 49. The figure 9 adds vibration of completeness, inner strength and wisdom, self-dedication and philanthropy. These all is mixed with figure 5 built-in number 95. Five gives energy, encourages development, movement forward and expresses a certain creative power.

About us

Marketing Agency focusing on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

«49.95 Agency» is a global team of specialists solving small and medium-sized businesses problems in Internet marketing. Being located in Russia, the USA and Thailand we provide all range of necessary services in such companies as Google Adwords, Google Display, Google Shopping and Google Analytics. These are not just words; this is an art as well as marketing style.

Besides, we have an experience in Search Engine Optimization и Social Media Marketing.

Our team cooperates with customers from Great Britain, Australia, Canada and the USA.


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Tamara Levit


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